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Muhurtham Dates in 2022

Muhurtham Dates in 2022

Muhurtham is the auspicious time to start new things or events. Our peoples are trusting if we are starting any work at this auspicious time this will grow more in a positive direction. Below we have listed the auspicious dates for all months. This will help every one to get the perfect date to start the new things in their life.

Maitreya Muhurtham Days 2022, Auspicious Debt Repayment Dates 2022, Maitreya Muhurtham 2022 dates and timings

Muhurtham Dates in January 2022

Marriage Dates in January 2022 Days
23rd January 2022 Sunday
27th January 2022 Thursday

Muhurtham Dates in February 2022

Marriage Dates in February 2022 Days
6th February 2022 Sunday
11th February 2022 Friday
14th February 2022 Monday
20th February 2022 Sunday
21st February 2022 Monday

Muhurtham Dates in March 2022

Marriage Dates in March 2022 Days
4th March 2022 Friday
13th March 2022 Sunday
14th March 2022 Monday
16th March 2022 Wednesday
21st March 2022 Monday
23rd March 2022 Wednesday
27th March 2022 Sunday
28th March 2022 Monday
30th March 2022 Wednesday

Muhurtham Dates in April 2022

Marriage Dates in April 2022 Days
6th April 2022 Wednesday
15th April 2022 Friday
21st April 2022 Thursday
25th April 2022 Monday
29th April 2022 Friday

Muhurtham Dates in May 2022

Marriage Dates in May 2022 Days
4th May 2022 Wednesday
6th May 2022 Friday
8th May 2022 Sunday
13th May 2022 Friday
15th May 2022 Sunday
25th May 2022 Wednesday
26th May 2022 Thursday

Muhurtham Dates in June 2022

Marriage Dates in June 2022 Days
1st June 2022 Wednesday
3rd June 2022 Friday
9th June 2022 Thursday
10th June 2022 Friday
13th June 2022 Monday
17th June 2022 Friday
23rd June 2022 Thursday
27th June 2022 Monday

Muhurtham Dates in July 2022

Marriage Dates in July 2022 Days
No muhurtham dates at this month -

Muhurtham Dates in August 2022

Marriage Dates in August 2022 Days
21st August 2022 Sunday
22th August 2022 Monday
24th August 2022 Wednesday
29th August 2022 Monday
31st August 2022 Wednesday

Muhurtham Dates in September 2022

Marriage Dates in September 2022 Days
1st September 2022 Thursday
5th September 2022 Monday
7th September 2022 Wednesday
8th September 2022 Thursday
9th September 2022 Friday
12th September 2022 Monday

Muhurtham Dates in October 2022

Marriage Dates in October 2022 Days
24th October 2022 Monday
28th October 2022 Friday
30th October 2022 Sunday

Muhurtham Dates in November 2022

Marriage Dates in November 2022 Days
11th November 2022 Friday
14th November 2022 Monday
20th November 2022 Sunday

Muhurtham Dates in December 2022

Marriage Dates in December 2022 Days
4th December 2022 Sunday
11th December 2022 Sunday
12th December 2022 Monday
14th December 2022 Wednesday

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